Why submit?

Thousands of the world’s foremost M&A players and advisory firms are using Mergermarket every day, and our analysis and league tables are featured in publications across the globe. Our data will be seen and used by your current and potential clients and competitors and submitting information about your deals helps to ensure that your company is represented accurately and completely, and that your involvement in current deals is reflected immediately, in our database and rankings.

Which deals?

All announced M&A deals meeting Mergermarket’s criteria. In summary, these are global transactions with a value of over US$5m (US$100m where the stake transfer is below 30% except for Asia-Pacific targets where minority stake deals over US$5m are included). All priced IPO deals.

Which details?

Any or all of the following:

  • Announcement and completion dates
  • Target, bidder and seller details
  • Deal value if disclosed
  • Advisers; team member names

When to submit?

  • Use this page to submit information about any current or past deals.
  • Come back to submit information about new deals as they are announced.
  • Contact us to arrange to submit regular updates to suit your workflow, whether daily, weekly or monthly.
  • We also send all our advisory deals contacts a quarterly deal profile, to be checked for accuracy and completeness, and updated where necessary.

How to submit?

  • Send your deal announcements or other information using the submission form on this page or email our submissions team at the e-mail address below.
  • Sign up to receive regular quarterly reminders and current-year deal history summaries to check for any missing deals or incomplete or inaccurate information about your deals.

Contact details

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