Our global network of 500 dedicated M&A journalists and analysts talk to CEOs, CFOs and industry contacts, reporting what they learn to Mergermarket subscribers. Together with our specialized analysis and data, this creates an indispensable resource for M&A professionals.

Predictive intelligence

We’re focused on pre-event intelligence, talking to dealmakers before the deals are announced so subscribers have the best chance of knowing what’s going to happen next.

League tables

Mergermarket‘s ‘Who‘s who in M&A’ league tables have become an industry standard among investment professionals, helping you analyse firm performance and enhance your marketing, competitor analysis or pitch book efforts.


We offer independent coverage of equity capital markets, delivering the ECM news and information you need.


Our journalists monitor 3,000+ global media sources every day, summarising the most relevant stories to supplement our own coverage.

Deals Database

This global library of historical M&A transactions includes fully sourced financials and exit multiples for powerful analysis of M&A volumes and values.

Private equity portfolio

Data on over 1,000 of the world’s biggest PE firms, including current portfolio, historical exits, potential investments, firm profile, historical advisor and investment relationships, and rival bidders.