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Mergermarket for Advisors

Identify, substantiate and execute M&A strategies that will impress your clients.

Mergermarket provides all the intelligence you need to offer clients guidance on their M&A strategy – from the profiling and ranking of prospective partners to the most promising sectors and companies for M&A activity – all while keeping fully up to speed with what’s going on in the market.

Intelligent Search

Harness the power of AI to research segments, sectors, regions and deal parameters that interest you, with granular detail on bidders, buyers, advisors, multiples, deal values and more.

Company Profile

Learn everything you need to know about an entity or business with accurate focused intelligence on financials, investors, secondary price movements, key event timelines and interactive data on deals and relationships.


A clear ranking of advisors, banks or law firms by volume or deal count, design for your marketing and benchmarking needs.

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Accelerate your strategy and source new opportunities with Mergermarket’s predictive, AI-powered M&A origination service.

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