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Human Insights

Searching the globe to bring you transformative M&A insight and analysis.

Our specialist team of journalists and editors is the most skilled in the industry. Along with curated, up-to-the minute editorial that keeps you fully up-to-speed, it’s enabled us to create a 30-year database of structured M&A transactions.

M&A Intelligence & Insights

Keep up to speed with all relevant market activity thanks to cutting-edge, forward-looking investigative journalism that identifies trends, monitors events with potential to move the markets and enables you to spot origination opportunities.

Activism Intelligence & Data

Access our proprietary breaking news feed for an up-to-the minute snapshot of activity campaigns and actionable trading opportunities. Hundreds of daily filings from our journalists are summarized each day for a detailed picture of current and future activity.

New Intelligence Alerts

Receive personalized intelligence alerts and reminders to ensure you get the best from Mergermarket and its many unique capabilities.

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Predictive Analytics

Proprietary AI driven models to identify likely to exit private equity backed companies

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Generative AI Search

Use natural language to search across our platform to find what you ened in seconds

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